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Ford Bull Bars Perth

KP Fabrication offers Ford bull bars in Perth

If you are looking for Ford bull bars in Perth, you have come to the right place. At KP Fabrication & Welding, we understand that durability and quality at reasonable rates are of utmost importance to our clients. Our team of skilled and experienced fabrication and welding professionals specialise in the manufacture of Ford bull bars that will ensure that your truck’s front end is guarded at all times.

What is a bull bar and why is it important?

A bull bar is a strong, tubular structure that is attached to the front of a vehicle – often off-roading vehicles – to protect the front sheet metal panels from animal collision, and to serve as a protective shield against scrub, logs, banks, and the like. It essentially supersedes the bumper and makes it largely abundant. Aesthetically, it adds “muscle” to the vehicle, enhancing its look adding bulk and making it look more imposing, more durable, and more masculine overall. The bull bar is an integral part of a vehicles bar work, along with side steps and rails. It comes in many shapes and sizes, and may be made from different materials. One thing all bull bars have in common is that they are very durable and must withstand collisions so that the vehicle stays protected at all times.

A lot of people might say that looking for Ford bull bars in Perth may not be necessary, but it is actually very important for people who use their vehicles for off-road purposes. The bar adds critical strength and protection, making it a non-negotiable component of off-roading vehicles.

Bull bars vary depending on their size and function. A fair dinkum bull bar, for instance, is designed to protect vehicles against animal collisions, which can be common when travelling in off-road locations where there are many grazing or wild animals not used to vehicles and traffic passing by. Animal collisions are most common during sunset and sunrise, and while colliding with smaller animals won’t damage your car, you will definitely need a bull bar to protect your vehicle when you collide with larger animals, such as a sheep or kangaroo. Nudge bars, on the other hand, are smaller bull bars. They do not extend to the full width of the vehicle, but still protect the bumpers to a certain extent. While they may not look very pleasing on larger 4x4s, they fit right at home on smaller SUVs and MPVs, as they will not overpower these vehicles.

Reliable Ford bull bars in Perth

Our Ford bull bars are not just built for show – they are built to be tough. They are designed to be fully compatible with your truck’s lamps and sensors, and have been crash tested to ensure that they will be compatible with your truck’s safety system.

Our bull bars have received countless positive reviews from satisfied customers. Trust that when you turn to KP Fabrication & Welding for Ford bull bars, you will not be disappointed.

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