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Ute tool boxes prove to be excellent for keeping work vehicles looking professional and organised, and allow you to find the tools or equipment you need for the job quickly, ensuring that no time is wasted and that you aren’t searching through a cluttered mess to find what you need.

Whilst tool boxes give you the space and compartments necessary to store your things, it’s still important to effectively organise your tools and equipment in order to get the most out of your ute tool box. To help you get started, we’ve provided you with these 6 simples tips for organising your work vehicle with builder ute tool boxes:

  1. Heavy items at the bottom
    Leaving the bottom of your tool box for the largest and heaviest tool items leaves the top free for smaller and more easily carried items. Not only will it prevent injuries by easing the load on your back when you lift these heavy items, but it also builds the foundation for an efficiently organised storage space.
  2. After – Market Styling
    If you’re wanting to further customise your ute to your specific needs, then opt for after-market styling options to enhance the practicality of your vehicle. There’s a whole variety of parts and accessories available for your ute, including racks, lids and more. Accompanying ute tool boxes with some of these after-market accessories enhances the functionality of your ute even more so.
  3. Illuminate your Tool Box
    Installing LED lights into your toolbox is a great idea, especially if you find yourself frequently undertaking jobs at night. They are also useful in dark, stormy weather or during early hours of the morning, and allow you to see all the tools available at your disposal, no matter the time of day, place or weather conditions.
  4. Organised According to Usage
    It goes without saying that the tools you use most frequently should be the easiest and quickest to get out, therefore it’s important to arrange them in such a way that you can easily access them.
  5. Keep it Clean and Clutter-Free
    Ute tool boxes provide you with the necessary space and compartments in order to organise your tools and equipment effectively, however it’s up to you to maintain the organisation of your toolbox and keep your space neat, tidy and professional looking. Take the time at the end of your job to put tools back into their designated areas, instead of just chucking your tools into your toolbox wherever they’ll fit. This will also ensure that you can quickly find the tools you’re looking for the next time you open up your tool box.
  6. Secure it all
    When you aren’t using equipment or you’ve completed your jobs for the day, always remember to put your tools away out of sight, or lock your tool box and ute to ensure that your expensive tools and equipment don’t go missing in the night. If you have a garage, it’s advisable to park your ute in there so thieves won’t see your ute as a target for breaking into when it’s parked on the side of the road. Having ute tool boxes to store your tools in greatly reduces the risk of them being stolen by thieves, however it’s still important to take extra measures to account for even the most desperate thieves.

Turn to the Professionals for Custom-Made Ute Tool Boxes

At KP Fabrication and Welding, we take great pleasure in designing and fabricating custom ute tool boxes for work vehicles. We manufacture all our ute tool boxes with aluminium, ensuring that your tool box is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and long lasting.

If you’re interested in our ute tool boxes, get in touch with KP Fabrication and Welding today!