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KP Fabrication & Welding is a leading provider of aluminium and steel fabrication for the transport industry. The company, which is the brainchild of Phil Jones and Kevin Hilgert – whose combined experience in the industry totals more than 40 years – is now considered Perth’s premier alloy and metals workshop. The company has become one of the top choices for companies needing aluminium and steel fabrication and repair. Customers have come to rely on KP Fabrication & Welding’s tried, tested, and proven arsenal of experience and knowledge, as well as their use of the best and very latest equipment.

Provider of Aluminium Gangways

KP Fabrication & Welding is renowned for the quality of its aluminium gangways that are lightweight and durable. These gangways can be customised to meet your unique requirements, whether they are for commercial or private use. They are made using only the strongest and highest quality materials in our custom fabrication facility in Bayswater, WA. We take great care in ensuring that every single aluminium gangway we produce is of the top-notch quality because we know that our clients’ safety and satisfaction should never be compromised.

Our gangways’ lengths vary from 2m to 20m and can cater to a wide range of applications, which includes:

  • Tailing dams
  • Minesite loading facilities
  • Marinas
  • Pontoon attachments

Quality you can rely on

At KP Fabrication & Welding, we never underestimate the wear and tear endured by our aluminium gangways. Our gangways are explicitly designed and tested against the harsh WA conditions to ensure that our clients won’t encounter future problems. Whenever we deliver an aluminium gangway solution to any client, we guarantee them with a safe, strong, reliable, and long-lasting solution. We are very sure that our products will not fail them and that they will stand the test of time.

Our products are very easy to use – you will not have any problems with installation, storage, or maintenance. Apart from being exceptionally hardwearing, our products can be easily cleaned, and as they are made from the best quality materials, there’s a surety that they will not rust or corrode.

Our aluminium gangway design and manufacture are all in-house, care of our skilled consultants and tradesmen. They have years of experience in providing aluminium and steel fabrication solutions across different industries. They also utilise the best cutting edge technology in delivering customised solutions welded to AS1665 Category A.

Gangway 101: Different types of aluminium gangways

Gangways are like ramps that are smooth and sloping and usually used by passengers to enter or exit a ship or aircraft. It is also typically used for loading and unloading cargo. It looks like a makeshift footbridge, which is why aluminium gangways have to be very sturdy and stable.

Commonly, aluminium gangways have foldable handle rails for secure storage. The surface is typically rough to avoid slipups and accidents. The ramp is explicitly designed to prevent waterlogging problems. Other types include beam brow aluminium gangways, which are welded for maximum durability, as well as truss brow aluminium gangways, which are constructed from heavy-duty aluminium to conform to the required industry standards. The surface of the ramp for these gangways is likewise designed to have a finish that is not smooth and slippery to avoid accidents, as well as to prevent water from accumulating. These gangways are designed to fit ships of various shapes and sizes.

There are also other types of gangways used in ports and harbours, including light-duty gangways. These gangways are portable and affordable, are lighter in weight, and are used in residential ports.

They are made of aluminium and steel, which prevent corrosion. These gangways usually have foldable handrails for easy storage. Medium-duty gangways are made of the same materials as their light-duty counterparts but are designed to be able to take heavier loads. They are quite affordable but do not necessarily have foldable handrails. Lastly, heavy-duty gangways are used in private harbours that cater to cruise ferries and other types of boats. The materials aluminium and steel allow the ramps to withstand hefty loads. They are wide and easy to use, so even handicapped people can embark and disembark safely.

No matter what your unique aluminium gangway requirements are, you can rely on KP Fabrication & Welding and be assured that it will deliver and satisfy your needs.

Contact us at +61 8 9271 3433 for enquiries on our complete product list.

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