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Aluminium Platform Ladders and Ramps

It’s hard to go past Aluminium Ramps and Ladders by KP Fabrication & Welding.

Welded to AS1665 Category A, our Aluminium Ramps and Ladders are incredibly lightweight, robust and adaptable for both residential and commercial use in a variety of applications. These include:

  • Wheelchair access ramps
  • Stepladders
  • General building ladders with fall restraint
  • Roof access with safety cage
  • Hard to reach areas

Our Aluminium Ramps and Ladders can be made to order to suit virtually any location, ensuring just about every West Australian can experience the quality of KP Fabrication & Welding.

All of our Aluminium Ramps and Ladders are hand-fabricated by our experienced team at our custom facility in Bayswater, WA. This provides us with absolute quality control over every single Aluminium Ramp and Ladder we produce, giving you incredible peace of mind that you’re buying a quality, value for money solution that will serve your needs day in, day out.

Safety is also paramount. We understand the dangers of working at heights and fabricate our Ladders with an extra strong frame for the utmost in stability. Cages, handles, extra grip, etc., can also be added if required to further lift the safety standard.

Often, our clients require a custom-built solution. We are more than happy to help meet your every requirement and can visit your site to determine the exact specifications necessary. Contact us today!