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The Trusted Manufacturer of DAF Bull Bars in Perth

When you are looking for DAF bull bars in Perth, KP Fabrication & Welding is the name you should trust. We understand how our clients search for durable and quality DAF bull bars at reasonable rates. As such, our team of aluminium and steel fabrication specialists make sure that they provide unparalleled workmanship at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Why your DAF Truck Needs a Bull Bar

A bull bar is also known as a bumper guard or a grille guard. It is constructed from a high-quality stainless steel material and sealed with a polished finish or a durable powder coating. It is installed to the front end of a vehicle, protecting the front sheet metal panels from animal collisions. It also shields an off-road vehicle against shrubs, banks and logs.

A bull bar is considered as an essential part of your DAF truck’s bar work as it works alongside the steps and rails. While bull bars vary in shapes, sizes and materials, the one thing they have in common is the fact that they should be made with durability and with the ability to withstand collisions. The aforementioned qualities ensure that the vehicle stays protected at all times.

DAF Bull Bars That are Aesthetically Appealing

Not all bull bars are made the same and unfortunately, some are simply ugly. There really are no guidelines on what a DAF bull bar should look like because, in the end, the design still depends on your personal preference.

Essentially superseding the bumper, a DAF bull bar appears to be largely abundant. It enhances your truck’s appearance by adding “muscle”, making it look more durable, imposing and more masculine. Ideally, DAF bull bars should have the aforementioned physical qualities.

There are bull bars that may look good standing alone. However, once they are attached to the truck, they look out of place and unappealing. Here at KP Fabrication & Welding, we are proud to say that our past customers have commended us for providing highly functional bull bars that still look aesthetically appealing.

DAF Bull Bars That Meet Australian Standards

Here at KP Fabrication & Welding, we do not only build DAF bull bars that look great—we also manufacture them to be strong enough to protect the vehicle. As such, we make sure that our DAF bull bars meet a myriad of Australian regulations and engineering standards.

It is also worth noting that there are fabricators who will make you pay for certain regulation placards or documentation that are not even applicable to your area. Here at KP Fabrication & Welding, we work with complete honesty and transparency. We will only require you to process the necessary paperwork and nothing more.

Turn to KP Fabrication & Welding for DAF Bull Bars in Perth

You will find several DAF bull bar manufacturers in Perth and across Western Australia. However, none can compare to the workmanship and service that KP Fabrication & Welding can provide.

Our team of aluminium and steel specialists take pride in providing absolute customer satisfaction. As such, we offer transparent and honest service along with quality craftsmanship at affordable rates.

When you need sturdy and aesthetically appealing DAF bull bars in Perth, call KP Fabrication & Welding at (08) 9271 3433. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and would even give you a FREE quote!