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Looking for Heavy-duty Man bull bars in Perth?

When you need a stainless steel fabricator in Perth who can manufacture durable Man bull bars, turn to KP Fabrication & Welding. We have a team of experienced and skilled welding professionals who can custom build your Man bull bar to your specifications. Dedicated to providing unparalleled workmanship, we can give your truck a bull bar that will meet and even exceed your expectations.

There are many reasons why KP Fabrication & Welding is your top choice when it comes to Man bull bars. The list is long but the most important thing you have to know is that we are dedicated to absolute customer satisfaction. Carrying that principle in every project we undertake, we always source the best materials available in the market. Aside from that, we also fabricate Man bull bars that are compliant with Australian Standards AS1665.

Why your Man Truck Needs a Bull Bar

When we play sports that require rough physical contact, we always make sure that we wear protective gear- you wouldn’t get onto an ice hockey rink without the necessary helmet and padding!

The same is true with your truck. There are some parts of Australia where wild and grazing animals are endemic. Animal collisions are quite common during sunrise and sunset. While Man trucks are designed to be tough and durable, a huge animal or a boulder punching straight through your front end can cause significant damage to your truck.

In the industry, bull bars are also referred to as bumper guards or grille guards. They are tubular structures made of stainless steel. Installed to a vehicle’s front-end, they are built to be strong and sturdy, functioning as a protective shield against animal collisions, banks, logs and shrubs.

Man Bull Bars that are Ideal for Australian Conditions

Here at KP Fabrication & Welding, we do not only build Man bull bars that look great—we also manufacture them to be strong enough to withstand Australian conditions. As such, we make sure that our Man bumper guards meet a myriad of Australian engineering standards and regulations. Our team of skilled and experienced metal fabricators guarantee that your bull bar will be made in compliance with Australian Standards AS1665.

It is true that our bull bars add “muscle” to trucks, enhancing their aesthetic appeal. However, we also seal them with a polished or powder coating finish to ensure that they are durable. Our welders fabricate Man bull bars with enough thickness and strength to endure the harsh Australian environment and weather conditions.

Customised Man Bull Bars

We always make sure that our Man bull bars do their job efficiently. That is why we entertain certain customization requests from our clients. For instance, you can ask us to install a strong recovery point to your truck’s chassis. It is worth noting that not all metal fabricators will fulfil this request as it is a difficult task to accomplish.

If you’re ready to get top quality Man bull bars in Perth, give KP Fabrication & Welding a call at (08) 9271 3433. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and would even give you a FREE quote!