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Volvo Bull Bars At Affordable Cost

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Are you looking for a trusted metal fabricator in Perth who can manufacture strong and heavy-duty Volvo bull bars? Well, you should only turn to Western Australia’s leading alloy and metal workshop – KP Fabrication & Welding. With over 40 years of combined metal fabrication experience under our belt, we can promise that we’ll provide quality workmanship at reasonable rates.

Volvo trucks are constructed to be strong, robust and packed with ground-breaking features. However, its front-end can still be vulnerable and a huge tree branch or an animal punching right through it can cause significant damage. When you turn to us, our team of stainless steel and aluminium specialists will build your Volvo bull bar to your specifications. In this way, your truck will have the front-end protection it needs whenever and wherever you’re driving it.

Why your Volvo Truck Needs a Bull Bar

There are people in the industry who also refer to bull bars are grille guards or bumper guards. A bull bar is typically made of stainless steel and is mounted to a vehicle’s front end. It functions as a protective shield for the front sheet metals. It guards your truck’s front end against collisions and off-road elements like logs, banks and shrubs.

Wild and grazing animals are endemic in some parts of Australia, so the drivers have to be extra careful while driving in these areas. It is worth noting that animal collisions are frequent during sunset and sunrise. Indeed, smaller animals won’t cause significant damage to your truck, but you have to watch out for bigger animals like sheep and kangaroo. When you have a Volvo bull bar installed, you can minimise or even avoid the damage caused by animal collisions.

Improve the Appearance of your Volvo Truck with a Bull Bar

When mounted to a Volvo truck, a bull bar appears to be largely abundant. It also adds “muscle” to your vehicle, making it look more imposing, stronger and masculine.

While the aforementioned are the ideal physical qualities of a bull bar, the design is still dependent on your personal preference. However, you should know that there are many metal fabricators in the industry with not enough experience and skills. They won’t be able to accurately and adequately execute your incredible bull bar vision.

These inexperienced welders can fabricate bull bars that look excellent standing alone. However, once the bumper guard is mounted to the truck, it seems out of place and unappealing. It goes without saying that you have to choose a metal fabrication company that has been operating for many years. When you turn to us, we will use our wealth of knowledge and skills in custom building a Volvo bull bar that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Why Choose KP Fabrication & Welding for Volvos Bull Bars:

  Over 40 years of combined metal fabrication experience

  We strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction

  We promise honest and transparent service from start to finish

  Quality materials are sourced from the best suppliers in the market

  Our unparalleled service and quality workmanship come at reasonable rates

When you need sturdy and aesthetically appealing Volvo bull bars in Perth, call KP Fabrication & Welding at (08) 9271 3433. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and would even give you a FREE quote!

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