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KP Fabrication & Welding is the leading manufacturer of top-grade aluminium platform ladders and ramps that are designed to withstand corrosion and the extreme weather conditions of Western Australia. We take pride in our ability to customise our products based on our clients’ specifications because we value your satisfaction above everything else.

We put a premium on the design and quality of all our products. We make sure that every single ladder, platform, ramp, gangway, or storage tool box we manufacture is easy to maintain and are made of only the highest-grade materials. We take pride in our design.

Why aluminium?

There are lots of metals that can be used to forge platform ladders and ramps, yet we choose aluminium for a lot of practical reasons, namely:


There is an infinite supply of aluminium because it is naturally occurring and there is always an abundance of it in its raw form. It is also highly recyclable, so it can be reused for the same or different purposes over and over again, without losing its unique properties as it can re-melt and be reformed into something else. It bears many similarities to steel, brass, copper, zinc, lead, and titanium, which means that it can serve the same functions as the aforementioned metals. It can conduct an electric current, which makes it a good substitute for steel.


Aluminium is renowned for its strength and durability, without adding dead weight to any of its applications, due to it being lightweight. It weighs only a third of what steel weighs, making it a very suitable metal for trucks and other industrial vehicles that are used to transport very heavy materials regularly. As it is a strong metal, it can be adapted to different applications by modifying its alloy composition so that it mimics the properties of other metals. Its ability to endure additional reinforcement makes it ideal for equipment that requires the use of solid metals.


When you use aluminium for your ramps and ladders, it will not be prone to corrosion – not even after a long time, thanks to its naturally-occurring protective oxide coating. You can assure that it won’t be ruined by rust, and will look new, despite its constant wear and tear. Furthermore, it can be improved by anodising, painting, or lacquering. Any application that requires protection and conservation can benefit highly with the use of aluminium.

Aluminium is also very resistant to the elements. Rain or shine, it will stay hardy and reliable. Our ladders and ramps are designed to withstand the harsh WA weather conditions. We’ve tested it and proven the results.

Excellent conductor and reflector

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, more than copper even, which is widely used in industrial applications. It is also highly reflective and does an excellent job at reflecting light and heat, so your ladders will stay visible even in poor lighting conditions.

KP Fabrication is dedicated to providing the transport industry with the highest levels of metal, and alloy fabrication and welding customised to suit the needs of every single customer. We take pride in our large investments in technology and equipment, as well as in the training of our staff, in turn providing our clients with the best solutions, and making us one of Perth’s leading alloy and metal workshops. We work closely with some of the biggest names in the industry – a testament to our reliability and commitment to providing nothing but the top-notch products and services.

When you come to us, we will give you a long term solution, and we’ll keep you informed of the progress of your project from start to finish.

We have been in the business since 1996, and are trusted aluminium and steel fabrication, and repair specialists in Perth.

Contact us today at +61 8 9271 3433 for enquiries about our services.

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