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Aluminium Frame Work

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Aluminium Frame Work

Aluminium platforms are a vital part of the custom designed and manufactured aluminium fabrications produced by KP Fabrication & Welding for the mining water and all industries. For over 40 years now, we have been associated with the fabrication of steel and aluminium platforms for the wide spreading transport industry.

Aluminium work platforms are especially used widely in the railways and aviation. Most of the work platforms are height-adjustable by an electrical system or hydraulic system, and additionally, some of the platforms are equipped with extended panel and guardrail. They are generally utilized for train cleaning, investigation, support, as well as for aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Why use aluminium in frameworks?

A considerably increasingly significant nature of Aluminium is its softness. Because of its low explicit weight, Aluminium plate comprises a large portion of the heaviness of steel with a similar firmness. Along these lines, the heaviness of Aluminium platforms and other structures is one half to 66% the heaviness of steel structures and up to one-seventh the heaviness of strengthened solid structures with a similar bearing limit.

Our Expertise in Aluminium Fabrication Services

At KP Fabrication & Welding, we specialize in structural aluminium fabrication, Platform/gangways , walkways, gates, feature panels, and handrails among other services. We also deal in access equipment manufacture and design, including aluminium work platforms, aluminium access stairs, truck access platforms, and walkways.

We adhere to the following specifications when it comes to our aluminium fabrication services:

  1. Wide range of aluminium platforms and framework
  2. Manufactured using quality aluminium material
  3. Available in different finish specifications

Quality of Promise

We, at KP Fabrication & Welding, offer aluminium frameworks as a service. Aluminium platform scan be produced in different dimensions in accordance with your requirements and your company’s demands.

As always, all our aluminium structures and products are welded and fabricated to Australian Standards AS1665 to ensure the highest delivery standards to you.

Please visit our website for further details and to request a quote, or call us on +61 8 9271 3433 today.

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