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Transport Fabrication

The growth of the transportation sector is ever-increasing, and so is the demand for quality and efficient services for all transport sector clients. KP Fabrication & Welding offers aluminium fabrication for many different transport options. After an initial design consultation, we begin the transport fabrication process, providing our clients with the highest standards possible. We can mould, cut and bend aluminium to your specifications, to deliver an end-product perfect for your vehicles.

Transport fabrication Services Provided by KP

We provide a plethora of solutions for your transport fabrication needs. This includes fuel tanks, workbenches, ute boxes and cabinet trolleys.

Fuel Tanks

A fuel tank (or petroleum tank) is a sheltered compartment for combustible liquid. Although any capacity tank for fuel might be alleged, the term is usually connected to the part of a motor framework in which the fuel is put away and moved (fuel siphon) or discharged (pressurised gas) into a motor. Our fuel tanks run in size and intricacy from the little plastic container of a butane lighter to multi-chambered industrial tanks.

Work Benches

We fabricate a wide range of workbenches and storage solutions for the factory environment. We can provide fast delivery for standard designs including workbenches, trolleys, shelving units, tool storage units, tables and desks. We offer a wide range of aluminium profile sections with T-slots or plain sides, or custom 3D frame design and build service.

Ute Tool Boxes

We provide toolboxes for your utility vehicles. Our toolboxes are manufactured using optimum quality materials in the manufacturing that ensure countable features such as fine finish, sturdy construction and resistance to corrosion.

Cabinet Trolleys

For the making of our cabinet trolleys, premium quality materials are used to ensure noteworthy features such as high durability, robust construction, and resistance to adverse conditions. The carts consist of rubber wheels that provide smooth operation in various industrial applications areas.

Through the above transport fabrication options, we aim to provide the best of services to our clients all across Australia.

Our Quality of Promise

With more than 40 years of experience in the aluminium and steel industry, KP Fabrication & Welding have licensed aluminium fabricators in Perth. As always, all our transport fabrication structures and products are welded and fabricated to Australian Standards AS1665 to ensure the highest delivery standards to you. We are pleased to be able to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding clients, and as always, we will continue to refine our techniques in the future.

Please visit our website for further details and to request a quote, or call us on +61 8 9271 3433 today.

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