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No matter what trade you’re in, having a well organised inventory of tools is one of the best ways to ensure that the job you’re undertaking can be completed in a timely and efficient manner. When your tools are scattered and unorganised in the back of your truck, it can prove to be a real hassle to find the tools you need when you need them, which can lead to unnecessary delays in the jobs you’re trying to complete. Not only this, but having your tools uncovered and unprotected also puts them at risk of rusting or being stolen or broken.

Fortunately, you can opt for custom built truck tool boxes that are designed to fit your equipment’s exact needs. At KP Fabrication and Welding, we offer custom built tool boxes that are crafted with premium aluminium, one of the most highly beneficial materials there is. Aside from this, we’re also proud to offer custom ute tray fabrication services to make your ute more fit for the unique requirements of your equipment and tools.

When you choose KP Fabrication and Welding for custom built tool boxes, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Protection – Protect your expensive tools from the harsh weather conditions of Australia, and from being thrown around and broken in the back of your truck whilst driving with a custom built tool box. Rain and other unpleasant weather conditions can cause your tools to rust over time when left in the back of your truck without cover, leaving them unfit for use. When you opt for an aluminium toolbox, you can enjoy airtight and watertight protection for your tools, meaning that your tools are guaranteed sufficient protection against the harsh elements, allowing them to stay in their optimum state for longer.

Organisation – There’s nothing that looks more unprofessional than tradespeople digging helplessly in the back of their truck, trying to find tools amongst the clutter. With a custom built tool box, you can enjoy storage that has been uniquely designed to house all your tools, allowing you easy access to whatever tools you need, and therefore improving the rate at which you can find the necessary equipment and complete your job. Having an organised truck also makes a good impression on customers.

Long-Lasting – At KP Fabrication and Welding, we’re proud to use durable, corrosion-resistant aluminium in the making of our custom built tool boxes and custom ute tray fabrication. Tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate, your aluminium toolbox is guaranteed to last a long time thanks to the array of benefits provided by the aluminium from which it’s crafted from. Don’t waste your money on cheap, fragile means of storage- opt for aluminium when you want to get the most out of your money.

Aesthetically pleasing –With our custom toolboxes, your truck can look more organised and more professional than ever before. Having your tools organised in an easy-to-access way is much more attractive than having them chucked and cluttered in the back of your truck.

Security – Leaving your tools out in the back of your truck uncovered and unprotected is a great way to increase the risk of them being stolen. With a custom built tool box however, you can enjoy a sense of security knowing that your expensive tools are kept safe from desperate thieves who may attempt to steal them.

Excellent Customer Service – When you choose custom built truck toolboxes from KP Fabrication and Welding, you can enjoy friendly and knowledgeable customer service from professional welders who are the best in their trade, and know how to make durable, long lasting products that really satisfy their clients.

Trust in the Experts for Custom Built Truck Toolboxes

At KP Fabrication and Welding, we take great pride in creating customised aluminium solutions for clients to fit their exact needs. With many years of experience in the industry at our disposal, a wealth of knowledge, premium materials and the very latest equipment, our custom built tool boxes and custom ute tray fabrication services provide clients with reliable, durable and long-lasting solutions for the organisation of their tools and equipment.

So, if you’re looking for custom built truck toolboxes or a custom ute tray fabrication specialist, get in touch with KP Fabrication and Welding today!